today’s closetcast: 70s chic

Loving this jumpsuit. Channels the 70s without reminding me too much of John Travolta ala “Staying Alive”. Feminine & simple with subtle menswear touches. Don’t have any major plans this weekend, going to try and catch up on sleep – feeling a little run down and looking forward to relaxing.

jumpsuit: H&M, leather jacket: Zara, flats: Diane von Furstenberg, necklace, vintage, rings: vintage 


5 responses to “Jumpy

  1. You look lovely and you wear that jumpsuit well. I’m now considering heading back to my 90’s wardrobe or picking up that same one from H&M.

  2. Love this one! Do you have the same jacket in black and brown?

    • Hi Emily,
      no the black jacket is a little different – more zippers and a heavier weight leather… similar though! thanks for the comments! X

  3. adore this. so stunning.

  4. chichichic!

    your necklace is so lovely! adoring this outfit!

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