Maxi Madness

today’s closetcast: free-fallin

From my previous posts one can easily conclude that I am a fan of maxi dresses. I picked this one up from Asos, a favorite online stop of mine, and it’s a nice summer choice. In this unique modern camo print in a lightweight, almost sheer, cotton voile, this dress is swingy and free. The asymmetrical hem also sets it apart from the standard straight hem maxi dresses out there.

The sandals are a sale find from Urban Outfitters and quite frankly, after trekking them through the uneven cobblestone streets of Portugal this past May, I am really surprised they have lasted as long as they have. I bought them specifically for the trip thinking they would fall apart at the end – surprisingly they may last until the end of this summer.

maxi: Asos, sandals: Ecote from Urban Outfitters, bracelets: vintage, watch: Nixon 


2 responses to “Maxi Madness

  1. I think I would like that dress better if it was a mini instead of a maxi so I could rock it in a bar.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, it would be great as a mini too – You could always tie a loose knot around the longer hem to make it more bar-wearable… X

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