Full Skirted and Optimistic

today’s closetcast: full skirted and feminine

Picked this dress up quite a while ago, but hadn’t worn it as I needed to make some tailoring adjustments. The dress is actually backless, with a bold strap across the top (I’ll wear it sans vest one of these posts), and it’s gorgeous. I had to make it work-friendly, so a sweater vest it is. The vest is from Uniqlo, one of my most favorite stores ever.

This look reminds me partly of Hawaiian muumuu’s (which I love) and partly of Jane Austen-esque period dresses with a modern print. This is an ideal choice for the warm day we are predicted to have. Free, flowing and feminine – check check and check.

dress: H&M, vest: Uniqlo, bracelets and necklace: vintage

photos: g. mckenna


25 responses to “Full Skirted and Optimistic

  1. I absolutely adore the dress. You have such great style sense!

  2. LOVE THIS DRESS! i wish WISH there was an h&m near me – rumour has it that one will be opening in dallas this year… sooo worth the four hour drive!

  3. That sweater vest looks fabulous and you really pull of the outfit well! *completely jealous*

  4. Love the outfit, especially the jewellery.

  5. That dress is fabulous! It’s so painterly and artistic. Great find. I like how you’ve styled it for work.

  6. animemangaluver

    such a prettyy dress! 😀 and i like your bracelet too. :]

  7. that dress is SO gorgeous! and I just adore how you styled it! I actually can’t believe its from H&M!

  8. ~Digital.Remix.Revolution~

    Looks great! Who takes your photos for you, by the way? They’re doing a fantastic job.

  9. The print on your dress reminds me of a giraffe dress I’ve had for ever – the style of dress and color tones. I really like it. I also really like your vest/belt combo, I may steal the idea. I added you to my google reader!

  10. I love your vintage necklace!

  11. sweetwindfall

    Beautiful dress

  12. Wow – that dress is gorgeous! Love the print! Really original teaming it with a sweater vest – great style!!!

  13. I want this dress, i love the print.

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  15. Oh my you look gorgeous!

  16. Love how you styled the dress and made it work appropriate.

  17. Gorgeous! Loving that dress!

  18. love, love, love it.

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