out with the old…

today’s closetcast: refreshed

So a few days ago I did a major closet cleanout. It feels nice to be honest with what I will actually wear and what I won’t. No sense holding on to things that just take up the limited space in my closet. I picked up this headband at Anthropologie this past weekend and have been wearing it non-stop. It’s a fun way to accessorize without jewelry.

The boots are a pair of Topshop Chelsea boots. So versatile and they sort of toughen up any outfit… I think they are perfect with a mini-skirt, like pictured here.

top: Anthropologie, skirt: h&m, shirt: Zara, boots: Topshop (similar here), headband: Anthropologie, watch: Nixon, bracelets: vintage and initialed bracelets Alex and Ani 

photos: g.mckenna



108 responses to “out with the old…

  1. cute outfit! and i love your headband!! (:


  2. Hummm…I don’t like any of it. Except for your lovely face. Interesting.


  3. those boots are awesome! 🙂

  4. DreamsTwister

    Love the headband! It’s so versatile, goes with lots of outfits!

  5. Super cute outfit! Definately admire your style.

  6. Love your headband…and your hair. 🙂

  7. Love your style! I’m trying to “toughen up” my look so I’m going to stop by the craziness that is Topshop NYC.

  8. I have been growing my hair out and I need a headband. Yours looks like a good possibility. Congratulations on being honest with yourself about what you will wear and what you won’t. Getting dressed will be easier for you now. (Also congratulations on being Freshly Pressed today!)

  9. Your outfit is adorable!

  10. rebeccasretreat

    I love the boots, and even better… They’re Topshop! It’s a shame, I have a pixie crop and still destined to find a headband that suits me without making me look like a 50’s housewife! Congratulations on being FP.

  11. great shots. love the style!

  12. The site is beautifully laid out. The insight in fashion for the ladies is also well done. I can see by the months listed on the side, this site has only been in existence for two months. It is an awesome accomplishment to make FP with only these few months with WordPress. I have had two WordPress sites back to back for almost four years and have yet to wet a towel. The gift of this gal’s talent is clearly stated in making FP, Congrads again.

  13. Fun boots … now if only I had the legs to pull them off (without looking like I have cankles…)


  14. Love those boots!! You can wear them with almost anything!!

  15. I love anthropologie.

  16. Truly, you’ve gone tribal!

  17. LOVE Anthropologie!

  18. Fabulous! I love Anthropologie, and that headband is one of their many pieces that is incredibly versatile (though a bit expensive for a student) and lovely. Your whole outfit is really well put together, and I adore those boots. Badass indeed.

  19. GREAT headband!!! I made me own the other day, and I love the simplicity of it!

  20. very good for you… I am doing that recently as well… alot of times you have to sift through things and get rid of the non essentials… way to go… real proud of you

  21. Lovely outfit.
    Check out my fashion article too:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed x

  22. Looks all earthy and hippie-like. Perhaps you need to hug the tree behind ya. 🙂 Fun post!

  23. lovely – i love the boots and the headband! i’m about to tackle cleaning out my closet… it’s going to be an unimaginably annoying task but i can’t WAIT to get it done!

  24. Wow that’s a really nice outfit! Thanks for writing this.

  25. That headband IS adorable. I like hairpieces.

    I consider myself a sort of OCD hoarder/ pack-rat. It’s hard to let go of things. “One day I MIGHT need this and I have NOTHING else like it!” It is extremely relieving and quite a feat for me to be able to do away with anything. I attempted cleaning out my closet a month and a half ago and was able to part with an entire trashbag worth of old clothes. That impressed me. I traded some in at Plato’s closet and donated the rest to Salvation Army. Then comes in the most difficult part: NOT justifying myself in going out and buying new things to replace the old things just parted with.

    Aun Aqui

  26. Haha I really like your headband! A girl standing in the woods…*sighs*

  27. very stylish. I love your hair band. By the way, You have beautiful hair.

  28. chichichic!

    so great to see a fashion blog in ‘freshly pressed’! love your outfit too!

  29. Congrats on being FP’d. I love the look – casual yet pulled together. The Chelsea boots look great with bare legs. Who would have known?

  30. fabulous outfit and love the headband! i do the same, but use some vintage silk scarves. thanks for sharing!

  31. It has something that reminds me of an Indian Style ;-)))

  32. The shots are beautiful and and so are you! Love the choice of your location! Creative!

  33. I LOVE our headband – SUPER CUTE!

  34. I love the look! I really need to follow your example & do a closet purge. I’ve been away from home for the past couple of months & managing just fine with the contents of one suitcase (if you’re interested, you can read about it on my blog at edebock.wordpress.com) so maybe I should do it as soon as I get home!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  35. mcortonscott

    So amazing to see Americans liking British style- I have these exact boots- but in black. They are amazingly comfy- I love them with woolly stockings and a leather skirt in the continual rain that is North England!

  36. super cute! any ideas on how to re-create the headband? i’m a diy kinda gal 🙂

  37. So into this look! I’m particularly fond of the scarf… that has been my go-to hairstyle for this hot, hot summer!

  38. I agree about getting rid of old clothes…I am still growing, being a teen but sometimes it’s just hard for me to let go of some of the things I have because I love my clothes so much.

  39. great outfit! 😀

    how i wish I could finally take the decisiveness to clean out my closet as well. kudos to you! 😀

  40. i like ur stylee..

  41. i did a major clean out too! it feels SO GOOD. and i finally realize how many outfits i can put together ❤

  42. I need to do that, great post!

  43. love your look and definitely love your headband

  44. I like your style! Love love the headband.

  45. critters and crayons

    Anthropologie is my favorite store! You’re outfit is cute! I’m about to do the closet clean out but I’m having so much trouble parting with my high-end professional attire that hasn’t fit in 4 years since having kids. It’s classic so I tell myself it’ll save me money later to hold onto it when I finally get back down. I know I’m kidding myself- ugh. 🙂 Great you overcame those mental obstacles.

  46. Congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed! I would love to wear a headband the way you wore it. 😉

  47. Love that headband! I started cleaning out my closet and found 11 basic tank tops. I am having a hard time choosing which ones to keep and which to donate! I have NO space and need to get rid of so much though!

  48. Ahhhh! New and used are always a great combo!
    Congrats of Freshly Pressed!

  49. One of the things I always say is having an organized closet (with the things you love in it) will keep you organized and happy in other parts of your life. Btw – I live for headbands! – I love yours! Looking forward to reading your blog!


  50. The lady in that picture is just as beautiful as she wants to be!!!

    Check out my post on “Watch The Throne’ and daily posts on other topics at Wan’s 2 Cents @ ku1cornelius.wordpress.com

  51. Ok you have a very cute style… not so sure about the half tucked shirt but can totally see some1 rocking the outfit with the top tucked it and the boots make it so Military meets rebel…Nice work

  52. Enjoyed reading your blog and viewing the photos…

  53. Nice headband. 🙂

  54. I like your fashion sense.:-)

  55. It doesn’t look old to me…
    Nice lovely snaps!

  56. I love the headband and your outfit!

  57. amazing shots!!

  58. such a cute outfit! vanessa hudgens was wearing a similar army-inspired shirt like that earlier this week! that’s a great find that the shirt! would of never thought it came from Zara. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  59. Love how you rocked this headband in your look 🙂

  60. Love the headband/scarf/turban (whatever category it falls into)! I just ordered one, myself. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  61. Good Style. Greetings. I love reading your blog.

  62. Your headline “out with the old” caught my eye. Is there a minimalist in you somewhere? 🙂 An ‘honest’ statement about your clothes – good for you!
    Keep having fun!

  63. great boots…im on the lookout for similar!
    like your style. congrats on the FP page.



  64. I really think your style is cute and comfortable very casual but yet fun:) I always have to clean my closet out too.

  65. You, my dear, are adorable. Lovin’ the ensemble!

  66. It always feels good to clean out the unused and donate or up-cycyle. Love the headband! Be Well

  67. cool headband. i always have trouble cleaning out my closet. can’t bring myself to getting rid of stuff i don’t wear!

  68. Awesome outfit! The boots and jacket make it look really earthy, and the headband adds a lot of style to the outfit.

  69. The boots look like steelcaps. Cute story though. Cheers and great pics.

  70. stephencharlton

    You look amazing

  71. Your pictures are great. Love the style of them and I especially love the style of your clothing. & nice headband btw 😉


  72. Marvelous post, please do issue more posts.

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