perfect day for a picnic

today’s closetcast: reflective

Had to wait for the hubby to get back from surfing before we ventured out for a picnic, but the weather cooperated just perfectly with the fog clearing up right as he got home. We love this park and so does our dog, Frannie (a.k.a. Baby Francois). She didn’t really cooperate with the photos, but you can get a glimpse of her in the first shot.

The dress is a favorite of mine. From Zara, it was an affordable and smart purchase, as I wear it all the time when I am feeling lazy and lacking the mood to put something thoughtful together. The dress sort of takes care of it for me. I am waiting for the day when Zara opens its online shop (rumored to be this fall in the US) as it’s hard for me to get up to the city often enough to keep up with their revolving assortment.

The bracelet I picked up at a vintage jewelry shop in Astoria, Oregon. It was in the mixed pot because of one broken link (which is actually pictured), but I love the details of the piece and took it home anyway.

dress: Zara, bracelet: vintage, rings: vintage and hand-me-downs, shoes: zara, hat: madewell, sunnies: GAP, beer: Bellhaven Scottish Ale (delicious and one of my favorites) 

photos: g.mckenna


2 responses to “perfect day for a picnic

  1. This outfit is adorable! I especially love your shoes 🙂

    – Minty

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